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SOMBA Kickstart is the only program you need to eliminate procrastination and overthinking to fast track your online business!

With SOMBA Kickstart, you'll create your first or next online course to attract your ideal clients and build your list with the proven step-by-step process, all in just 10 weeks.

Most entrepreneurs struggle to create the content that will get the right people interested in working with them. They doesn’t know where to start, get overwhelmed and end up stuck. With the 10-Week Kickstart, you follow a proven process that has guided over a 1000 entrepreneurs to create and sell highly successful online programs - even if they’ve never done it before.

BONUS! Some of our amazing Selfmade Summit speakers and special guests will join us for LIVE insight chats

Want to know what works right now and what doesn’t? Join our inspiring speakers for LIVE discussions where they take you behind the scenes of what they’re doing in their own businesses to create long term success.

The following 6-7 figure female entrepreneurs will join us to share insights and what exactly is working for them in their businesses:

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Lisa Larter, Suzy Ashworth, Elena Herdieckerhoff, Claudia Chan, Joanne Sweeney, Lorraine Dallmeier, Dr. Natalia Wiechowski, Gwen Lane, Molly Pittman, Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola, Caitlin Bacher, Ashley Crouch, Kirsten Stendevad, and Ann Wilson.

  • Discover new opportunities in your business that work in ANY economy
  • Create sustainable income instead of giving out free stuff for the rest of the year
  • Know exactly what works in online business right now (and what doesn’t) so you can be certain about your next steps

“In Kickstart, the focus is on taking action instead of making everything perfect. When I presented my offer, sales came in very slowly and I started to have doubts - unnecessarily! I made $31K in my first launch and $35K in my second launch. The sky’s the limit.”

I teach yoga for pain relief to women who have pelvic problems. Having suffered from a severe birth injury myself, I didn’t get any help from the health care system at the time. I educated and learned how to heal myself, and started offering workshops and classes with exercises in different cities in Sweden.

Then COVID-19 hit, and I had to switch from offline to online classes. I knew that the situation wouldn’t change anytime soon, and I started to see the benefits of fully taking my business online. It’s important that women who take part in my classes feel safe and have privacy, and attending from their own homes instead of a studio full of other people was giving them just that.

Also, it became clear to me that I was able to scale and reach more people, and by developing courses, I would finally have more time to spend with my family. I have another job as a political scientist, so having more time is very precious to me.

A friend of mine was in one of Sigrun’s programs, and since she’s very successful with her online business, I asked her whether it would be something that could help me, too. However, I was so busy at the time that I never took part in any of Sigrun’s free webinars or classes. When I received the very last reminder to sign up for SOMBA, I decided to go with it.

I participated in Kickstart, the 10-week sprint in which I was going to create an online course. When I received 1350 sign ups, I knew I was on to something. It was such a big number, and I realised that what I had was a good business idea.

What I loved about Kickstart was that I could just trust the process. Receiving all the material at once would have been overwhelming, so I really appreciated the week-by-week structure. I never had to think of the next step - I just followed the process. There was also not much philosophical talk about creating an online business - we could spend years figuring that out - but instead, the focus was on taking action instead of making everything perfect. The support from the group and mentors was extremely valuable and I've made friends for life!

At the end, I presented my offer: A 10-week online course for $745. At first, sales started to drip in very slowly and doubts formed in my head. But as the deadline of my open cart approached, more and more women signed up. I ended up making $31K in my first launch!

In November I launched my program again, this time as a 6-week online course for $407. I made 75 sales resulting in $31K a second time, and added a downsell. The final result of my launch was $35K, and this was only the second time I ever launched! Now, I feel like the sky's the limit.

As a result, I decided to quit my job and concentrate fully on my online business. My dream is to become the go-to person in Sweden when it comes to pelvic floor pain.

~ Frida

SOMBA Accelerator is more than a program - it’s a proven process that practically guarantees success

Maybe you’ve heard this before...

“This program is different because _____.”

But if there’s one thing I can promise you at all? It’s that SOMBA Accelerator really IS different…

Because this is not another online course where you go through pre-recorded content with limited support and access to ask questions and very little opportunity to engage with coaches and teachers.

In SOMBA Accelerator you are never alone!

And because of this unparalleled support and guidance, with this proven process, we have a 90%(!) completion rate… the industry average is only 9%!

We take you by the hand and walk you through our tested and proven process, week by week

In SOMBA Accelerator, we will never give you anything you don’t need. You will not be overwhelmed with complicated strategies you don’t need… Instead we will give you ONLY the clear tasks you need to complete right now, so that you’re always able to follow through and take immediate action.

This is the only way you get almost immediate results.

Our motto is “we leave no one behind” and we take that seriously. The energy in our group is high, our team of coaches and mentors is always right there with you and we make sure you get all the support and guidance you need to make progress and celebrate wins.

There’s no overthinking. No overwhelm. And no feeling confused or left behind.

And even though I’m a very realistic person, I can say with confidence that…

This process works like magic!

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