BIG Ideas, BOLD Action and BREATHTAKING Landscapes

The premier international conference for women entrepreneurs
June 22-24, 2022 | Harpa Concert Hall | Reykjavik, Iceland


What is Selfmade Summit?

Selfmade Summit is a new conference created for women entrepreneurs who are building and scaling online businesses. Women who have used their skills and passions to create online programs and courses to help people without being restricted by location.

From mindset coaches and branding experts, to architects and fitness trainers, business owners will come together in Reykjavik, Iceland at the beautiful Harpa Concert Hall in the fiercely red theatre called Eldborg to learn what successful entrepreneurs have done to get where they are, to find out how to get to the next level in their businesses and to meet each other in one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.

If you’re taking what you know and love to teach, inspire and help people online, Selfmade Summit is for you.

Join us in Iceland in 2022

Join us for 3 transformational days of online business strategy, mindset breakthroughs and meaningful networking guaranteed to propel your business forward.

When you join our community of extraordinary women entrepreneurs, change-makers and visionaries in Iceland, you will...

  • Be inspired by success stories from the world’s leading female online entrepreneurs broken down into clear strategies and practical action steps.
  • Listen to eye-opening interviews with women who have taken their business from zero to 6 & 7 figures including real talk about challenges and roadblocks and how to overcome them.
  • Have the breakthroughs, fresh ideas and aha-moments you need to burst through your internal glass ceiling during our live coaching and mastermind sessions.
  • ​Make meaningful connections and meet new friends, collaboration partners and mastermind buddies at our networking parties (or during lunch time and coffee breaks!)
  • ​Get powerful insights on a wide variety of topics ranging from sales & marketing to leadership, from team building to productivity, from mindset shifts to the personal growth that drives business success and more.


Full days of learning and connection


Business Topics Covered

Discover a one-of-a-kind conference that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world...

Imagine taking your seat in the stunning Eldborg hall in Reykjavik, dressed in your favorite (fiercely red) outfit. As the lights get dimmed, the room starts buzzing with excitement and suddenly you hear music coming through the speakers. Hundreds of women stand up, start dancing, and you feel a powerful energy rush through your whole body.

The experience of a lifetime is about to begin.

The conference kicks off and with every speaker’s story you hear, you feel an unshakeable sense of confidence rising within you.
With every live coaching session you get aha-moments and breakthroughs that open your mind to think BIG.
With every mastermind round you get more and more clarity on HOW you’re going to take action on your goals...

And before our two days are over, you embody a new belief:

If she can do it, I can do it too!


Meet our Selfmade Summit Speakers

Here are some of the inspiring women in our amazing lineup of speakers. We will be announcing more in soon!

Iceland - Breathtaking Landscapes and Progessive Thinking

People often tell me they’ve always wanted to come to Iceland…. Or if they’ve already been, they want to come again.

My beautiful home country is not only a bucket-list destination because of its unique scenery and awe-inspiring landscapes…. It’s also been the #1 country in gender equality for many years so it’s the perfect place for a conference to inspire women to think bigger and realize their dreams.

Did you know that Iceland has the first openly gay female Prime Minister? Or that it’s the first country to institute equal pay for male and female employees?

There is no better place on this planet for women to come together and join a movement of equality and mutual support.

Who should attend the Selfmade Summit?

The Selfmade Summit is designed for female entrepreneurs who have hit an internal glass ceiling and want to either start their own business or take it to the next level. It is for women who want to learn from other women who have walked the path before and can show them exactly how it’s done.

You will share the room with women who are just starting out as well as others who are making 7 and even 8 figures (and everything in between), so expect a beautifully diverse audience.

What you all have in common is the ambition of wanting to uplevel, to create success on your own terms and the desire to discover the strategies and steps to take you there.


Meet Sigrun
CEO Turned Entrepreneur

Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She is the leading business mentor for female online entrepreneurs, TEDx speaker, and host of the Sigrun Show podcast. Originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, she has spent more than half her life outside her home country; in Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Since she was a young girl she’s always been drawn to leadership roles, so despite having zero business background nor the education she made a life-changing phone call and applied to become the CEO of a software company shortly after finishing her master’s degree in architecture - and she got the job!

Ten years, another three master’s degrees, and several CEO roles later, Sigrun found herself in Switzerland with her newfound love. In 2014, Sigrun started her online business and within a few years she built a multiple 7 figure business helping to transform self-doubting high-achieving women into thriving entrepreneurs.

BONUS! Some of our amazing Selfmade Summit speakers and special guests will join us for LIVE insight chats

Want to know what works right now and what doesn’t? Join our inspiring speakers for LIVE discussions where they take you behind the scenes of what they’re doing in their own businesses to create long term success.

The following 6-7 figure female entrepreneurs will join us to share insights and what exactly is working for them in their businesses:

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Lisa Larter, Suzy Ashworth, Elena Herdieckerhoff, Claudia Chan, Joanne Sweeney, Lorraine Dallmeier, Dr. Natalia Wiechowski, Gwen Lane, Molly Pittman, Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola, Caitlin Bacher, Ashley Crouch, Kirsten Stendevad, and Ann Wilson.

  • Discover new opportunities in your business that work in ANY economy
  • Create sustainable income instead of giving out free stuff for the rest of the year
  • Know exactly what works in online business right now (and what doesn’t) so you can be certain about your next steps